Blended fighting styles Manager 2: Ultimate Fight


Make your way in the world of MMA Management - hire trainers, purchase gyms and fill them with state-of-the-art equipment, plan out your fights, pick up coaches that know their way around a ring, and of course, recruit your very own champions in the making!
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Nov 22, 2022
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Make your method the globe of mixed martial arts Monitoring – work with instructors, acquisition fitness centers as well as load them with advanced tools, plan your battles, grab trainers that recognize their means around a ring, as well as naturally, hire your really own champs in the making!

Whether you’re choosing a tanky heavyweight or an active light-weight, the vibrant organizer has you covered. Strategy in advance as well as develop a particular strategy to display in the ring. Produce a brand-new prepare for each battle so you’re never ever captured unsuspecting.

With each brand-new challenger, your boxer will certainly discover as well as boost. Train them with brand-new abilities in your really own fitness center. As your boxer trains in various abilities, they’ll discover brand-new as well as better offending relocations.

When your boxers have what it takes, jump right into the Battle Club to examine your steel.

Go into the ring! Win the fights as well as gain credit histories, eminence, as well as cash money. Prepare to strive as well as combat tougher!

* Accumulate a group of first-rate boxers
* Personalize your boxers by educating them with brand-new interesting relocate the ring
* Dynamic action-packed battles based upon your techniques as well as boxer abilities
* Produce a battle strategy based upon your challenger’s weak points as well as your boxer’s toughness
* Make use of the right boxer as well as the best strategy throughout numerous video game settings
* Endure versus various other gamers in the Battle Club!
* Single-player numerous weight course projects with branching development courses

Participate in the best mixed martial arts experience!

What's new

-Team Challenge
-Manager Perks
-Holiday Package support
-Tweaks and fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
1.9.6 - 6.0 11/01/2023
1.9.5 - 6.0 19/12/2022
1.9.3 - 6.0 14/12/2022
1.9.1 - 6.0 24/11/2022
1.8.4 - 6.0 14/11/2022
1.8.3 - 6.0 31/10/2022

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