Which Pokémon-Themed Nintendo Console Has The Most Effective Style?

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Have a glimpse whatsoever of the complying with and after that prepare to state “I select you” to among them …

Every Pokémon-themed Nintendo console

Prior to we triggered on this Pokémon (console) trip, it deserves mentioning which versions you are not mosting likely to find along the road.

There were a variety of Poké gaming consoles launched as area exclusives, many actually that we have actually eliminated any type of gaming consoles which were additionally store-specific in a solitary area– this degree of ultra exclusivity suggests that there are not all that numerous available.

So, the similarity the SE Video Game Child Light, the Pokémon Third Wedding Anniversary Video Game Child Colour, the Latios and also Latias, Celebi and also Suicuna GBAs and also a great deal of those Gen III GBA SPs are omitted from the position. So as well are membership-only launches like the Daisuki Club DS Lites and also those granted just in competitors like the Globes 2010 Version DSi. We would love to give thanks to Bulbapedia for describing a number of the offered (and also, certainly, not available) gaming consoles before us placing this listing with each other.

You can feel confident that there is still a great deal left on the table, a number of which you may have also seen real!

Nintendo 64

Pikachu N64 (Blue, Light Blue, Orange)

Nintendo 64 Pokémon
Photo: Gemma Smith/ Nintendo Life

Nintendo’s very first set of Pokémon-themed gaming consoles was as series-specific as you can obtain. The expression “every little thing and also the kitchen area sink” enters your mind with these ones and also it’s all rooted in the OG blue design revealed over. The colours are brilliant, the controller happily sports the Pokémon logo design, and also yeah, that Pikachu is equally as 3D as we remember it– with light-up cheeks, as well. An archetype of tossing concepts at the style board, where every one sticks.

The Light( emergency room) Blue design and also released just in Japan and also, as the name recommends, is just like its basic blue sibling just with a little much more ‘light’ taking place. It suggests that the comparison to the huge three-dimensional Pikachu is not rather as severe on the eyes, however allowed’s not make believe that it covers any one of the style’s wrongs.

As well as there’s additionally an orange variation. Orange can look streamlined in small amounts (we’re thinking about that spicy GameCube), although the court’s out on this specific Japan-only style.

Pokémaniac N64

It’s still everything about the main Pokémon colours of imperial blue and also yellow, however without the brashness of the substantial Pikachu design. We would certainly state that this is possibly one of the most subtle of every one of the N64 scandal sheets, which’s claiming something when you think about the reality that this is covered in Pokémon pictures and also has a brilliant yellow controller too.

Video Game Child Shade

Pokémon Yellow Variation Version

Currently, these may be several of one of the most renowned Pokémon-themed scandal sheets available. This, launched in a package with Pokémon Yellow, has pictures of Pikachu, Jigglypuff and also Togepi populated around your display and also also utilizes a Poké Round as a power indication. Begin, that’s some cool style!

Pikachu and also Pichu Version

GBC Pokémon
Photo: Damien McFerran/ Nintendo Life

Just like the previous variation just with less Pokémon pictures to reveal for it. As the name recommends, this design just has Pikachu and also Pichu around its display, though it offsets this reduction by having the power light rest well inside Pikachu’s best cheek.

Pokémon Silver And Gold Version

Ok, currently this is actually something unique. In addition to being connected to the video game of the exact same title, the ‘Silver and gold’ of this style’s name additionally describes exactly how the colour of the console adjustments based upon which angle you are checking out it from. Since’s scientific research (or simply fundamental lights, if you wish to be choosy).

Clear Environment-friendly Pokémon Version

Launched in Taiwan just, this design selects the clear plastic casing that numerous a retro video game follower will certainly salivate over and also maintains the pattern of little ‘mon pictures around the display, this moment revealing Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and also Meowth.

Clear Blue Pokémon Version

This was offered distinctively in Hong Kong and also would certainly be virtually similar to the Taiwan launch were it except the modification from a clear eco-friendly covering to a clear blue one. Mmmm, interior cords …

The video clip over programs a customized variation of the initial and also has us questioning if we have sufficient GBCs in the cabinet. Certainly that’s not feasible! * heads to ebay.com *


Pokémon XD Windstorm of Darkness Version

This just made a look in Japanese and also American markets, however you need to appreciate the entire “Pokémon, however make it metal” strategy to the style. This subs out the brilliant in-yo-face colours of the previous designs for a cars silver luster and also it also has a photo of Darkness Lugia on the cover plate as requirement.

Video Game Child Breakthrough SP

Pikachu Version

A glimpse whatsoever of the Pokémon-themed GBAs available (and also trust us, there are numerous) may have you assume that they just launched in Japanese Pokémon Centers and also as a result require to be omitted from this listing.

Nevertheless, this Pikachu Version took care of to slide via the splits as it additionally took place to be launched in Toys ‘R’ United States shops in the United States. As TheRelaxingEnd’s above video clip programs, it’s an additional archetype of tossing nuance to the wind and also making a style as unashamedly Poké-themed as maybe. No one is mosting likely to check out that huge Pikachu face on the cover and also state to the proprietor “so, do you like Mario after that?”

Video Game Child Micro

Pikachu Version

This tiny Video game Child was launched along with Pokémon Secret Dungeon: Red Rescue Group in Japan. Keeping that lowered quantity of area to deal with, the style was constantly mosting likely to need to be a bit much more softened than several of the others available. However hey, they still took care of to slip in a little Pikachu shape over the An and also B switches as pokeboy14’s above unboxing programs.

Nintendo DS

PokéPark Version

However wait a 2nd Nintendo Life! Had not been the PokéPark beefy DS launched solely in Japan’s PokéPark? What’s it doing on this listing?

Concern not, dear viewers, this scandal sheet later on obtained a launch in the United States many thanks to a Walmart bargain, so you can feel confident that it was made a little much more offered.

The initial DS may not be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing form to deal with, however this style reconciles what it’s obtained. It selects the metal blue covering (one we make sure numerous a GBA SP proprietor will certainly acknowledge) and also happily presents the PokéPark logo design on the cover with a stealthy little Pikachu on the inside.

Mew Version

This pink design was additionally launched solely in Japan which we recognize since we can not aid however assume that this point would certainly have flown off the racks if it was offered worldwide.

It still needs to take care of the OG DS’ clunkiness, however the pink covering additionally sports the very first Mew to have actually taken centre phase on a console (albeit in an instead pale fashion). There’s one on the cover and also one on the within, and also most of us recognize just how much we would certainly imagine having 2 Mews in our celebration …

Nintendo DS Lite

Pikachu Version

Among minority Pokémon-themed DS Lites to be made conveniently offered to those beyond Daisuki Charter member, also this Pikachu design was initially just accessible using a lottery game at Japanese Pokémon Centers.

The good news is, it later on launched in Europe as well, bringing every one of the nuance of a small Pikachu in the edge to the quite non-subtle brilliant yellow covering.

Dialga and also Palkia Version

Pokémon DS Lite
Photo: Nintendo

Currently, this was a Pokémon Facility special, however unlike the others that we have actually omitted from this listing, the Dialga and also Palkia style was offered in both Japanese and also United States shops. So indeed, it’s flexing the guidelines a little, however it was most definitely less complicated to acquire than some.

Just like a certain Ruby and also Pearl-themed console that we will certainly reach later on, this streamlined design choose the shiny black of the basic DS Lite with silver and gold outlining on the external covering revealing the Gen IV legendaries. Ooh, exactly how refined

Nintendo DSi

Pokémon Black Version

Pokémon DSi
Photo: Nintendo

Can you think which video game this was packed with? That’s right, Pokémon Diamo- no, no, no, it featured Pokémon Black, obviously.

This does not have the gold and also silver shine of the previous DS Lite design, however there’s something regarding that matt surface and also fairly refined Reshiram and also Zekrom picture on the top that has us actually liking this one. Allow’s not also begin on that particular hot gold lettering along all-time low.

It may not howl your love for Pokémon rather as long as something that’s brilliant blue and also covered in pictures of Pikachu, however it would definitely be less complicated to rest and also play before a lot of Digimon followers.

Pokémon White Version

Pokémon DSi
Photo: Nintendo

It coincides as the Pokémon Black version, just white! What an idea!

We’re a little over midway and also there’s still plenty even more to find! Click the following web page for even more Pokémon-themed console benefits …

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