Sunday Opponents Update Focuses on Discussion and also Gameday Experience

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Sunday Opponents is back with one more upgrade and also this is a huge one concentrating on the discussion and also gameday experience. This consists of including umpires, gamer of the video game meetings, gazing schedule displays, halftime scenes revealing leading entertainers and also a lot more. It also consists of a couple of points that aren’t also discussed in the spot notes.

Sunday Opponents was our 2022 Finest Alternate Sports Video Game of the Year completely factor and also it’s presently for sale for $17.99 on Heavy steam via March 23. The video game is likewise involving console yet particular information have not been disclosed yet.


  • Included pregame group competition cinematics
  • Included schedules motion picture
  • Included Gameday Opponents motion picture
  • Included coin throw motion picture
  • Included influence gamers motion picture
  • Included halftime and also article video game social networks feed
  • Included article video game cinematics
  • Included Gamer of the Video game meeting
  • Included contextual shutter displays for quarters, downs, and also firsts
  • Included brand-new history and also title art for gamer emphasize cinematics
  • Included unique shades to represent Gameday Opponents in the HUD and also UI
  • Included HUD callouts for leading offensive and also protective gamers throughout play sneak peek
  • Protective HUD display screens statistics of last tackler
  • Protective HUD defaults to leading protective gamer in mentoring setting
  • Included placements to gamer statistics display, relocated LB4 beside various other Pounds
  • Included introductory and also article video game songs


  • Included umpires
  • Included Veronika Kay
  • Included cameramen and also cam flashes
  • Boosted cubemap protection throughout whole area
  • Included banners for group motto and also the arena’s name
  • Included atmosphere art for national championship
  • Included a tinted red stripe at the 50 lawn line
  • Included mustaches to some chain gang participants
  • Boosted darkness resolution throughout cutscenes


  • Gameday Opponents obtain a solitary video game, scaled OVR improve based upon their setting
  • Gameday Opponents have actually a boosted opportunity of making an influence play
  • Touchbacks are whistled instantly when a kicked round strikes a wall surface
  • Prior to the breeze, gamers can cycle in reverse via protectors once more


  • Rebalanced success and also losses to have a bigger influence than factor differential when identifying ranking
  • GM discussions currently acknowledge the playoffs and also completion of the period
  • Title display after progressing to the champion reveals the name of the national championship
  • Title display after winning the champion acknowledges the win
  • Rebalanced gamer of the video game acknowledgment in sim video games to match played video games


  • Taken care of an insect where the video game and also arena clock weren’t showing the exact same time
  • Took care of an insect where the Gamer of the Week recap would not show the name of the following playoff round appropriately
  • Taken care of an insect where the protective honors weren’t being determined appropriately
  • Taken care of an insect where a linebacker’s searching record would certainly show improperly
  • Taken care of numerous punctuation mistakes in searching records

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