Play the Roguelike Parlor Game, Drive Away the Opponent and also Protect the Rook on March 16 

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  • Protect The Rook is concerning Xbox on March 16, 2023.
  • The video game is a turn-based roguelike with tower protection components.
  • One more cooperation in between Klabater and also Goblinz Posting. Previous cooperations consist of Iris and also the Titan, Tale of Keepers, and also As For The Eye
  • You can pre-order today with 10% off.

Hi, this is Justyna Urbanska from Klabater, bringing you some great information. Together with Goblinz Posting, we happily introduce that the video game Protect The Rook, created by One Up And Also Enjoyment, is concerning Xbox on March 16th!

What is Defend The Rook regarding?

To place it merely, Protect The Rook is a parlor game roguelike with tower protection components.


Adversaries are coming with you in 5 waves from various angles to ruin the major structure– the Rook.

To quit them, you have heroes, towers, catches, barriers and also spells.


There are 3 standard kinds of heroes: The Warrior, the Rogue and also the Hags. Every one of them has 3 even more variants with distinct abilities.

Warrior Rogue Hag
Samurai Corsair Poltergeist
Barbarian Ranger Black Witch
Elven Leader Hireling Had Heart


Right here is where tower protection video games enter your mind when playing Protect The Rook

You have actually obtained 3 standard towers:

  • Cannon Tower— lengthy variety, reduced damages
  • Arcane Tower— moderate variety, tool damages
  • Emerald Green Tower— brief variety, high damages

Messing around their variety and also damages is vital from the tactical viewpoint. Every one of them has 2 upgrades, providing towers distinct attributes.

Catches and also Barriers

We will not make it very easy for the beasts to reach your towers. To quit them, you have a couple of catches that can reduce your adversaries or harm them. Putting them in the appropriate area might be the distinction in between winning or shedding the fight, as, for instance, a few of your heroes gain from catches.


Once more, similar to with Towers and also Barricades, spells load a strike or offer energy for your devices. You’ll encounter an option to harm the opponent and also potentially take them out, or safeguard your defenses.

Spell loadout


Adversaries can be found in waves. In each round, there are 5 waves of adversaries with a manager in the last round. Eliminating the one in charge gives you a treasure, which you can later on utilize for upgrades. Your heroes do not need to endure and also their dropping does not suggest completion of the video game. They will certainly be evaluated at the start of the following round. It indicates you can go all-in at the one in charge; nevertheless, you will not wish to shed heroes before the last wave.

The Rook

In contrast to MOBA video games, like Organization of Legends, DotA 2, or Smite, the Rook is not simply a stationary item you require to safeguard. In Protect The Rook, you can relocate the Rook, and also it likewise has some offending capacities.

You can update the Rook. This is where the video game appears like mobile base-building video games like Clash of Clans, and also all of its duplicates.

Fundamental Rook






The Enjoyable Does Not Finish There

The very first project is simply a starter prior to the main dish, called the Rising. In Rising, the trouble enhances with each degree you select, making it extra tough. It is where the video game will certainly place your tactical and also preparation abilities to the examination.

General with all the upgrades, development system, options to make and also large video game auto mechanics Protect The Rook supplies numerous opportunities with various end results to reveal. You’ll be dealing with hard choices like: “Should I give up the tower to avoid heroes from shedding HP, or should I make the hero take in the damages to avoid the tower from refuting?”. Protect The Rook is among these video games with a high knowing contour, however as quickly as you master it, you’re drawn right into it permanently.

Defend the Rook

Xbox Live

Protect the Rook


$ 14.99

$ 13.49

A roguelike techniques board battle integrated with tower protection components. Beat the getting into crowds to survive and also conserve the land! .
. Release your heroes to outmaneuver the opponent! . Appreciate extra techniques than your ordinary TD video game, whilst hammering out waves of adversaries. .
. Transform the tables on the intruders with the help of ravaging spells! Get rid of the probabilities and also outmaneuver the opponent. .
. Construct and also update your towers to endure the assault! . To endure you’ll require to make use of greater than simply your heroes wit and also expertise! Cautious positioning of towers and also upgrades will certainly be required to make sure triumph. .
. Location catches and also barriers to protect your castle! . Utilize these intelligently to channel and also puzzle the intruders. Create chaos among their rankings and also separate their very carefully polished rankings! .
. Come to be a champ to conserve the kingdom! .
Do you have what it requires to conserve the land? Leap right in and also appreciate a collection of procedurally created roguelike turn-based fights like nothing else! Every fight dealt with is distinct.

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