I wanted to make this game since 2012 and now I’m launching it on monday (on the play store!)

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I wanted to make this game since 2012 and now I'm launching it on monday (on the play store!)

Hey everyone!

I dreamed about this game since 2012, the year that I started DMing. With the OpenAi API being released, a bunch of people (me included) wanted an RPG with AI driven NPCs, with professions, talents, backstory and much more, so I wanted this so bad that I started investigating this possibility, and 2 months ago I started developing it, without 3d graphics, only an mobile-like AI, and friday I will release it on the Play Store!

The game is composed by three screens that we can access, not counting the config menu, I'll explain them here!

The character where it's very rpg like with your stats, name, portrait and more.

Then we get the Talk! screen, where you can manage NPCs (as much as you want!), getting random NPCs with an AI backbone that you can get quests, chat with, trade with, or just spend time with.

After that one we have the most difficult to make: the Dungeon screen. The dungeon screen has an AI driven dungeon master that can DM you sessions and stuff. You can encounter NPCs, save villages, trade with monsters, start a cult, get vampirism, be a villain, and all that is not hard-coded, but using the OpenAI API to create a backstory for every action and turn!

Also, the game will save each conversation and the DM stories forever, without spending to much of your free OpenAI usage (it's 18 dolars and it has a lot of time to play).

The game also has an paid version where you will have all future expansions and no stamina bar!

This is my first game, I'm a brazillian developer, my name is Akira, I've lost my job last month, and until I find another job, this game's purchases will help me a lot with the bills! I may also get some BigMacs here and there…

The game's name is AI RPG – Mortal Realm, and the story and world setting is based heavily on Berserk!

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